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Japan's fresh and delicious seafood is famous all over the world. When it comes to the classic delicacy that represents winter cuisine and is known as the king, it must be crab. Every year after winter, the crab paste is full of meat, and the meat is extraordinarily sweet. There are many ways to taste the fresh and sweet taste of crab, such as charcoal grill, boiled or boiled hot pot, and even tempura, sushi, etc. Japan has a variety of crab dishes. Friends who have tasted it are not always fond of its deliciousness and have endless aftertastes. . This article "Top Japanese Food" will take you to learn more about Japan's must-eat food in winter - crab. The editor has sorted out the origin of Japanese crabs and various well-known types of crabs for you. If you have the opportunity to visit Japan in the crab season in the future, I recommend everyone to try all kinds of crab dishes, and let the delicious crab completely conquer your taste buds!.So,how many clusters is 1 pound of kings crab near me?

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There are roughly six kinds of live lobster for sale in Japan, and four of them are the most famous. They are often referred to as Japan's four famous crabs. In addition to these four well-known crabs, there are also two relatively small oil crabs and high-footed crabs. Next, I will explain them to you one by one. Matsuba crab, also known as Chu crab, cod crab. The price is the most expensive of all crabs. The crab body is coffee-gold, the average weight of males is 1.2 to 1.8 kg, and the body size is medium. The whole crab legs are opened at most about 70 cm, and they mainly live in the deep sea with a water depth of 200 m to 400 m. Its meat is tender, the taste is the most fresh and sweet, and the crab paste is fragrant. Matsuba crab is known as the "King of Winter Taste" in Japan, and is also known as the "Queen of Crabs" by the Japanese, which shows how delicious it is..So,how to cook pre cooked frozen alaskan 1/2 pound of king crab?

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Its main production area is the Sea of ​​Japan on the west side of Japan, and the production is mostly in the Hokuriku, San'in regions and Hokkaido. Matsuba crabs in different production areas in Japan have different names, such as "Jinju Mountain Crab" in Hyogo, "Jiajia Crab" in Ishikawa. "Noh crab" and so on, Kyoto's "human crab", but when it comes to the most advanced, it must be the "Echizen crab" produced in Fukui Prefecture, the price is much higher than other Matsuba crabs, the top Echizen crab It has been auctioned for a sky-high price of 2 million yen (120,000 RMB)..So,how to cook jumbo alaskan best king crab legs?

Echizen crabs have been a tribute to the emperor since the Meiji era in Japan. Although Matsuba crabs are also produced in other prefectures, only those produced in the four ports of Fukui Prefecture can be called Echizen crabs. Its production is very limited, and the fishing season for Matsuba crab is from November to early March of the following year. Matsuba crabs from all over Japan are marked with different coloured signs to indicate their origin and fishing vessel..

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